Permanent Makeup

Its all about you.
Common treatments

Microblading and microshading.

Long lasting

Keeping this in mind, the lifespan of PMU is thought to be around 1-5 years for most treatments.

Without pain

Numbing cream makes the experience easier and more relaxing.

Fast healing process

Around 4-5 weeks the area is healed and You can enjoy Your new look.

PMU types

Microblading & Microshading

Arguably the most well-known permanent makeup technique out there, as well as, the most commonly used. By either microblading or microshading you will be able to reshape, realign or fill-in your eyebrows, by using a special needle to inject pigment into the outer layer of your skin. 

Lip blushing
Permanent eyeliner
Freckle tattoos / Permanent freckles
Scar camouflage

Permanent makeup can mean various things to different people.

To some, it is a solution to save time on busy mornings, for others it is a way to express the individual’s true self, but a more technical explanation is easier to comprehend.

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PMU Pricing (In Budapest)

Eyebrow Powdered eyebrow 140.000ft
Eyelash Eyelash thickening70.000ft
Eyelash Eyelid regular or smokey70.000ft
LipsLips half satire140.000ft
LipsLips full satire140.000ft
CorrectionLips correction70.000ft
CorrectionEyebrows correction 70.000ft
In case of successful booking