PRP Facial Rejuvenation

Its all about you.

To enable healthcare professionals to get a handle on an effective and safe treatment method required by thousands of patients.


We propose comprehensive training programs allowing to increase the treatment effectiveness significantly.


Following the completion of the course You will receive a certificate in this new sphere of knowledge.

Our goal

To make this world healthier.

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About our Plasmolifting PRP courses:

Our courses combine both conceptual and practical modules to provide a complete understanding of basic and advanced PRP methods and treatments. Our leaders possess a broad experience and are ready to share their advice and recommendations. Following the completion of the course You will receive a certificate in this new sphere of knowledge.

By mastering various PRP procedures, You will greatly expand your knowledge base and professional opportunities with the help of the next generation biotechnological solution that does not require significant investment. PRP Plasmolifting technology works both as monotherapy and in combination with other treatments. It ensures a fantastic therapeutic effect for the patient and a stable income for the doctor.


The tubes we recommend:
Are suitable for Plasmolifting PRP procedures
Make it possible to change the platelet concentrations in both the supernatant plasma and the tissues.
Ensure complete separation of red blood cells from blood plasma.
Are and non-pyrogenic.
Are easy-to-use and made in Italy.
We have defined the characteristics of equipment and supplies required to ensure optimal treatment results.

We only use and recommend using the medical consumables and equipment that meet all the European countries’
regulatory compliance requirements for medical device manufacturing and circulation and all internal technical
specifications set by the Plasmolifting PRP method developers on the basis of their knowledge and experience.

Our PRP Treatments